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Alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of PennWest Clarion have a tremendous, positive impact on the life of the campus. Their generous support through charitable gifts provides the margin of excellence that facilitates our service to students, the community, and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Giving Day heroes

PennWest Clarion's Giving Day is April 28.

The Clarion alumni fraternity brothers of Alpha Gamma Phi and Sigma Tau Gamma are leading the Giving Day charge with some healthy competition. Both fraternities want to strengthen their legacy and increase the ways they help current and future students at Clarion. Therefore, they have thrown down the gauntlet to see which fraternity can raise the most money for their respective endowments.

The two fraternities have always enjoyed a spirited competitive relationship throughout their time at Clarion and both fraternities have awarded scholarships to Clarion students from their endowments. To date, the Gammas have awarded $104,820 and the Siggies have awarded $58,868.66 to students.

The official challenge between the Gammas and Siggies will begin April 1 and wrap up on Giving Day. Closer to the dates of the contest, a giving platform will be live to show donation amounts in real time. More information also will be posted on how to make a gift as soon as possible.

student emergency fund

Student Emergency Fund

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PennWest Clarion alumni and friends came to the aid of students to the tune of $48,733 through the Student Emergency Fund.Read the full story.


Annual Giving

Every year, PennWest Clarion Foundation, Inc. receives contributions from nearly 6,000 individuals and organizations that support our ongoing work. Annual gifts comprise the backbone of our development program. Donors contributing $1,000 or more annually are included in Clarion's prestigious 1867 Circle.

Matching Gift

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contribution. Discover if your company has amatching gift program. If your organization is not on the list, please contact your employer. Even small regional companies can participate, and many do. You just have to ask.


Help gifted and financially challenged students fulfill their potential and compete in today's global economy. Private gifts help students secure access to educational opportunities, as well as successful, productive futures.



Endowment Funds are those funds which ensure the philanthropic desires of donors in perpetuity. With an endowed gift, you provide permanent support for the university. Your gift is invested — never spent — and each year a distribution is made to your chosen program or area. Investment earnings above the dividend rate help the endowment value grow over time, to keep pace with inflation and maintain your endowment’s spending power.

Planned Giving

Learn the other ways your gifts may benefit PennWest Clarion at//


Crowdfunding is used to support a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding creates a new approach by giving donors more options for what they want to support including athletics, music and the arts, social groups on campus, Greek life, etc.

If you are interested in creating a crowdfunding campaign please

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

PennWest Clarion is one of a few schools in Pennsylvania participating in an exciting new giving option: the Educational Improvement Tax Credit. ThePA Department of Community and Economic Developmenthas approved the PennWest Clarion Foundation, Inc. as an Educational Improvement Organization under the EITC program. This designation allows business to contribute to PennWest Clarion's innovative educational programs and receive a tax credit in addition to their federal charitable deduction.Click here for more information.

Last Updated 3/8/23