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Welcome to the Clarion University Department of Public Safety web page. The Department of Public Safety is comprised of four separate divisions; University Police, Emergency Management, Parking Services, and Environmental Health & Safety. Each division is responsible for contributing to the overall safety of the campus community. We invite you to look through the information available to learn more about how the staff in Public Safety work to keep the community safe and make your experience at Clarion University a positive one.

University Police

大学公共安全的警察部门comprised of 10 Police Officers commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth. The police officers have all completed Pa. ACT 120 training prior to commissioning which is the same training as Police Officers from most boroughs, townships, and cities in Pennsylvania. The officers all complete annual legal update training, annual firearms qualification, and other training relevant to their duties as police officers. The structure of the Department is one Chief of Police, 3 Patrol Sergeants, 1 Corporal/ Criminal Investigator, and 6 patrol officers. There is at least one police officer on duty at all times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Clarion University Police Department has a mutual aid agreement with the Clarion Borough Police and work closely with them on major incidents that occur on campus or in the Borough of Clarion. The Clarion University Police are contracted by the Clarion University Foundation to provide full police services to the Reinhard Villages property located in Monroe Township.

dept badgeThe Clarion University Police Department received accredited status from the Pa. Chiefs of Police Association on June 30, 2017. We were the sixth University Police Department to be accredited by the Pa. Chiefs of Police in the Commonwealth and are the first PASSHE University Police Department to receive accredited status. More information of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Accreditation program is available here:


University Police is located on Wood Street next to Eagle Commons

    • Phone: +1 814 393 2111 or ext. 2111 on campus
    • 24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year
    • In the event of an emergency call 911 or 9-911 from campus phones

Chief of Police, Jason Hendershot, can be contacted via email at or by calling #1 814 393 2111.

Our Facebook page:


If you have information about a crime or feel the need for immediate police assistance please dial 911 immediately. If you wish to report information, please complete theAnonymous Tip form. You may also send an email topolice@www.pumanvillage.comfor confidential reporting or assistance. You can also submit aB.A.R.T. referral form.


The daily Crime and Fire Log is printed each day and available for public inspection seven days a week, 24 hours a day in the lobby of the Public Safety Office located on Wood Street. Venango students can stop by 200 Frame Hall to access the fire log for Venango Campus.

Emergency Management

The office of Emergency Management within the Public Safety Department is responsible for emergency planning and emergency response protocols. The Chief of Police acts as the Director of Emergency Management and is in frequent contact with the Clarion County Emergency Management Office to stay informed regarding potential events that could impact the campus community. The emergency management director regularly review emergency preparedness plans, meets with local emergency managers, and coordinates the review and approval of the Universities Hazard Mitigation Plan. Additional information regarding the Emergency management function as well as resources for what to do if an emergency happens are available on the Emergency Management webpage.

Parking Services

Parking services on the Clarion University campus are provided by personnel within the Public Safety Department. We have one full-time clerical position dedicated to the intake, processing, and coordination of student parking permits, fine collections, and the processing of payments received through parking services. There is an annual review of parking lot utilization and numbers of permits sold to determine how parking spaces can best be utilized on the Clarion University Campus. Parking lot maintenance is also reviewed annually and allocations are made from funds received for repairs and projects for campus lots. More information on parking is available through the Parking Services webpage.

Environmental, Health, & Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety component of Public Safety is responsible for all of the fire safety prevention measures at Clarion University. ThePublic Safety Departmentconducts annual review of fire suppression equipment and oversees all the evacuation drills at the University. They also coordinates the service of sprinkler systems & fire extinguishers. EH&S investigates potential environmental concerns that are reported to the University and also works with Facilities to address safety concerns that could cause injuries to people utilizing University Facilities. EH&S assists with the coordination of efforts with PEMA for sheltering locations and Point of Distribution activities in conjunction with the Emergency Management Director.


If you see an area of concern for Safety, Lighting or Disability Accessibility Issues/Concerns, pleasefill out this formand your question/concern will be addressed by the appropriate party.

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