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Student Employment

The Basics of Student Employment (Work Study)

Almost any student, regardless if he or she is an undergraduate or graduate student, is eligible for some type of student employment. Most available work study positions may be viewed onJob X, the on-campus student employment site. Additionally available part-time, off-campus positions may also be viewed onHandshakesite run through the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Students are responsible for finding their own work study positions and are not guaranteed employment. A typical work study position is 10 hours per week, and the student is paid for the hours they work on a bi-weekly basis through the Human Resources office.

The maximum amount a student may earn in a work study position will be reflected on the student's Financial Aid Summary of their MyClarion Student Center. Work study amounts should not be subtracted from your university bill as students are paid only for the hours they work via paycheck as stated above.

Federal Work Study vs Institutional Employment

When a student applies for a work study position, an employment application is submitted by the department to Human Resources. Human Resources then sends a copy of the application to Student Financial Services to determine whether a student is eligible for the federal work study program or if the position will be considered institutional employment.

The federal work study program provides funding for students who demonstrate financial need, determined by the FAFSA. Students who do not demonstrate financial need are placed in the institutional employment program. A student is paid in the same manner; however, the award will show up as either "Federal Work Study" or "Institutional Employment" in the Financial Aid Summary of the student's MyClarion Student Center. Employment awards may change if a student's financial aid package is adjusted.

社区服务勒arning – Federal Work Study Program

These positions are only open to students with unmet financial need, as per the FAFSA. Students who are interested in this program may contact Kelly Ryan in the Center for Leadership and Involvement by calling 814 393 1688. For information on these positions, please refer to theCommunity Service Work Study Programwebpage.

International Students

International students are able to work on campus, but only in positions that are not deemed as being funded by the federal work study program. As non-residents, there are several additional forms they need to file before they can receive a paycheck. International students who are interested in obtaining an on-campus position should first consult with personnel in theOffice of International Programs.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students are responsible for finding their own graduate assistant positions; the Office of Graduate Programs does not procure positions for students. Additional information, as well as the application, may be found on theGraduate Student Orientationpage.

Last Updated 12/1/22